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Warwick Workshop for Interdisciplinary German Studies

Funded with the generous support of Warwick's Humanities Research Centre.

This is an interdiscplinary workshop series dedicated to all areas of German cultural studies. Meeting two to three times during term in the Department of German Studies or - currently - online, the workshop hosts presentations on a Wednesday afternoon by senior national and international scholars, Warwick colleagues and doctoral students. Presentations can be delivered both as finished conference-style papers, or more informally as work-in-progress. Please contact the workshop convenors, c dot e dot achinger at warwick dot ac dot uk and Doro dot Wiese at warwick dot ac dot uk, if you wish to offer or attend a presentation!

Coming up next:

The Warwick Workshop for Interdisciplinary German Studies and the Feminist History Group will host a joint online event on


Wednesday, March 17, 4.30-6 pm GMT

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Regina Mühlhäuser will be speaking about her recent book

Sex and the Nazi Soldier: Violent, commercial and consensual encounters during the war in the Soviet Union, 1941-45, Edinburgh UP 2020.

Sexual violence was a widespread reality during the German war and the occupation in the Soviet Union: Wehrmacht soldiers and SS men made women and girls victims of sexual torture, committed rape and sexual enslavement. They also visited both 'secret' prostitutes and official military brothels, and had encounters with women who were forced to trade sex for protection or food. In some areas, they engaged in consensual relations, which sometimes led to applications for marriage permits.

The historical sources dispel the myth that military leaders, in adhering to the Nazi ideology of ‘race defilement’, strictly repressed soldiers’ sexuality. Regina Mühlhäuser opens up new perspectives on the complexity of wartime sexual practices beyond the Nazi case by looking at the whole spectrum of heterosexual encounters—forced and consensual, violent and non-violent, commercial and non-commercial. In doing so, she develops a more nuanced understanding of soldiers’ sexual behavior and the ways in which military commands assess soldierly sexuality and integrate it into their strategic thinking. Currently, Western scholarship on sexual violence tends to focus on Arab and African countries. Looking at the German military in the Second World War, contributes to countering this trend.

The talk will be in English.

Regina Mühlhäuser is a Senior Researcher at the Hamburg Foundation for the Advancement of Research and Culture and a founder of the "International Research Group 'Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict'". Her most recent publications include Sex and the Nazi soldier. Violent, commercial and consensual encounters during the war in the Soviet Union, 1941-45, Edinburgh UP (2021); "Understanding sexual violence during the Holocaust: a reconsideration of research and sources", In: German history (2020); In plain sight. Sexual violence in armed conflict, edited with Gaby Zipfel and Kirsten Campbell, Zubaan (2019).

All welcome!


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Sex and the Nazi Soldier