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Roman Modernities

The project is funded by an AHRC Research Networking award, under the Care for the Future theme. It will run from July 2012 to Spring 2014, led by Dr Fabio Camilletti as Principal Investigator and Prof. Lesley Caldwell (UCL) as Co-Investigator, with and a team of Warwick researchers including Dr Jenny Burns, Dom Holdaway, and Filippo Trentin.

The 'Roman Modernities' network will allow scholars, artists, and urban planners to engage in joint enquiry on Rome as a paradigmatic location for reconfiguring the trajectory of Western modernity. It will interrogate existing/potential representations of the city from a strongly multi-disciplinary perspective.

For the schedule of events in the network, click here

Thematically structured events will take place across the UK, Italy, and Germany and will include two conferences, one workshop, and a seminar series, overlapping with an itinerant artistic exhibition and two film screenings.

Rome Lecture Series: we work closely with Dorigen and Lesley Caldwell, and the Rome Lecture Series. We'll keep you updated here about up-coming events, but for more information please click here.

Please take a look around the website to find more information about the network's upcoming events.

To get in touch with us, please email: romanmodernities at gmail dot com, and don't forget to like us on facebook.


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Gianni Borgna: we are very sad to report the passing of Gianni Borgna, whose work as presidente della Commissione Cultura del Lazio and assessore culturale di Roma, over a period spanning the 1980s to the present, achieved much for the city. Read his obituary in La Repubblica here, and view Borgna talking about Pasolini and marginality here.

Upcoming Events:

This calendar's schedule is empty.

Two Roman Modernities events taking place in Rome on 29-30 March: a conversation with Andrea Minuz and Guido Vitiello on Saturday morning, and a two-day event from the afternoon onwards with images, music, films, and narratives concerning Rome. Everybody welcome!

For a complete list of network events:

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Past Events:

`12 Oct '13

Workshop: The Lions of Rome, the study day devoted to Carlo Levi's L'orologio took place successfully at the ICI Berlin. For more information, click here.

12 July '13

Workshop: Regeneration, the comparative study day between London and Rome took place at UCL. For information, click here.

28 June '13

Workshop: Queering Rome, which took place at the University of Warwick. For more info, please click here.

27 April '13

Film Talk: Rome on Screen. This took place at the Warwick Arts Centre. For more info, click here.

14-15 March '13

Workshop: Trauma, which took place at University College London. For more info, click here.

Wed 17 - Fri 19 Oct '12

Conference: Rome's Modernity, Trauma, Fracture, Narration, British School at Rome. Opening conference of the Roman Modernities Network. For more information click here.