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Migration and Literature Reading Group

27 January 2016, room 3.44, 2-3:30 pm
Reading Group - Session Five: On Food

Organized by Georgia Wall (Italian, 'Transnationalizing Modern Languages' project)


Michael Cronin, 'Cooking the Books: Translation, Food and Migration', Comparative Critical Studies 11.2-3 (2014), 337-354.

The session (1h) will be followed by a planning meeting (next sessions of the seminar, other projects, etc).

26 May 2015
Round Table: Migration and Literature: a Cross-School Reading Group

Modern Languages Symposium, Faculty of Arts Postgraduate Research Festival, University of Warwick

with Katharina Forster, Gioia Panzarella, Laetitia Saint-Loubert, and Georgia Wall
Chair: Jennifer Burns

6 May 2015
Reading Group - Session Four: On the Bildungsroman

Organized by Katharina Forster (German)

Mark Stein, Black British Literature. Novels of Transformation (Columbus: Ohio State U P, 2004)
- Introduction: pp. xi-xviii
- Chapter 1: p. 3, pp. 20-35.

23 February 2015
Reading Group - Session Three: On Paratexts

Organized by Laetitia Saint-Loubert (Hispanic, Centre for Caribbean Studies)

- Richard Watts, 'Translating Culture: Reading the Paratexts to Aimé Césaire's Cahier d'un retour au pays natal', TTR: traduction, terminologie, rédaction, 13:2 (2000), pp. 29-45.
- the Translator's Note to the book by Mireille Rosello
- the painting by Wifredo Lam

12 January 2015
Reading Group - Session Two: On Translation

Organized by Goffredo Polizzi (Italian, Monash/Warwick Alliance)


Loredana Polezzi, 'Translation and migration', Translation Studies, 5:3 (2012), 345-56.

2 December 2014
Reading Group - Session One: On Definitions

Organized by Gioia Panzarella (Italian)

Søren Frank, ‘Four Theses on Migration and Literature’, in Migration and Literature in Contemporary Europe, ed. by M. Gebauer and P. Lausten (München: Martin Meidenbauer, 2010), pp. 39-57.

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