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Readings & Presentations: Venice Summer School 2019

Week 1 Preparatory Readings

27 May- Stephen Campbell: Essential Background-Tung Tourism versus the Habitable City; Essential Background - Settis 'If Venice Dies' extracts; Howard Venice and the East 

28 May-Paul Kaplan, Local Color The Black African Presence; Day 2-Paul Kaplan, Veronese and the Inquisition. The Geopolitcal Context;

28 May-Incorporating the Middle Ages; Heterotopia in the Renaissance

29 May-Crouzet-Pavan, Towards an Ecological Understanding of the Myth of Venice

30-31 May- Caroline Petit: Medicine reading list; Tommaso Giannotti Rangone; Philologie et Medecine au 16es. lart de; J Hist Med Allied Sci-2015-Shotwell-jhmas-jrv001

30-31 May- Lawrence Principe: Beretta, Alchemy of Glass, ch5; Principe_Secrets_1; Principe_Secrets_2; Principe_Secrets_3 

Week 2 Preparatory Readings

3 June- Ingrid De Smet: The Circulation of Books; Des Livres pour de Thou 2015; Scholarship, Commerce, Religion the Learned Book 

3 June- Dorit Raines: Estratto (in preparation for afternoon visit to the Marciana Library)

4 June- Dorit Raines: Anatomia_di_una_biblioteca; av-lib-niero; av-lib-raines; Pietro La cute article

5 June- David Lines: Duroselle & Lines; Bacchi-Aldrovandi; Caroline Duroselle-Melish; Learning and the Market Place 

5-7 June- Shane Butler: Required & Recommended Readings; Things Left Unsaid; Poliziano Misc 2.1; Poliziano Letters 2.9-15 English; Greene; Latin; Pemble

5-7 June- Eugenio Refini: Bate-Thornton-Shakespeare; Rosand-Opera in Seventeenth-Century Venice; Sanudo

Lecture Presentations

Ingrid De Smet: Books and Cultural Exchange  

Caroline Petit: Medicine

Stephen Campbell: Introduction