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Renaissance Europe II: Movement, Revolution, and Conflict

All classes will take place on Mondays, 15:00-17:00, in H3.55 (3rd floor, Humanities Building)

Module codes are: RS201-15 (intermediate year students) and RS301-15 (final year students)

Place, Movement, and Travel

Week 1: Localism and internationalism: students, merchants, and writers [David Lines.] Full reading list here.

Week 2: Inns [Beat K├╝min] Full reading list here.

Week 3: Libraries and the circulation of books [David Lines]. Full reading list here.

pdf1-Lowry-The World of Aldus Manutius-pp1-71;

pdf2-Aldus, Manutius-Humanism and the Latin Classics-intro-pp188-193 and 364-5;

pdf3-Aldus, Manutius-the Greek Classics-pp10-17 and 326-7;

pdf4-Aldus, Manutius-Humanism and the Latin Classics-pp244-253 and 377-78


Week 4: Technology, science, and medicine [Vivian Nutton]. Full reading list here.

Week 5: Revolutionizing art [Giorgio Tagliaferro]. Full reading list here. Baxandall, Ch. 3, Functions

Week 6: Reading Week (no class)

Week 7: Religious Culture: the Synod of Dort in Context [Esther van Raamsdonk]. Full reading list here.

Conflicts and Subversion

Week 8: Latin and vernacular(s) [Bryan Brazeau]. Full reading list here.

Week 9: Political and social upheavals [Marta Celati]. Full reading list here. Rubinstein (Italian Political Thought); Poliziano (Pazzi Conspiracy); Celati (Violence & Revenge)

Week 10: Authority, conformity, and control [David Lines]. Full reading list here.