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Module-Renaissance Europe I (Syllabus & Reading List) 2022-23-Term 1

Term 1: 'Renaissance Europe I: Foundations and Forms' (RS200 & RS300)

All classes will take place on Mondays, 14:00-16:00, in room FAB1.11 (First floor, New Faculty of Arts Building)

Module codes are: RS200-15 (intermediate year students) and RS300-15 (final year students)

Week 1: Introduction [Claudia Daniotti and Tom Pert]. Module Description, Aims & Assessment inc. Essay Deadline

Models and influence

Week 2: The Renaissance, Greece and Rome [Claudia Daniotti]. Full reading list.

Ovid, selections from the Metamorphoses (Loeb edition, 2014): stories of Apollo and Daphne (Book I, l. 452-567), Europa (Book II, l. 836-875), and Actaeon (Book III, l. 131-252).

Petrarch’s letters to: Pulice di Vicenza, Cicero (x2), and Posterity. PDF HERE

Kallendorf, ‘Renaissance’. PDF HERE

Brown, ‘Ovid’. PDF HERE

Week 3: The Christian Tradition [Iván Parga Ornelas and Sergei Zotov].

Full reading list.

Petrarch, Secretum (focus on Book III). PDF HERE

Petrarch, The Ascent of Mount Ventoux. PDF HERE

Augustine, Confessions, Book VIII at 

Week's handout here.

Week 4: Italian and European Humanism [David Lines]. Full reading list.

Week 5: An Age of Empires, Monarchies and Republics [Tom Pert]. Full reading list.

Week 6: Reading Week (no class)

Texts, Art, and Artefacts

Week 7: Renaissance Painting [Claudia Daniotti]. Full reading list.

Cennino Cennini, The Book of the Art. PDF HERE

Week 8: Renaissance Festivals [Eva van Kemenade]. Full reading list.

Clarke, The Emperor's Hat

Rosenthal, Kings of the Street

Watanabe-O'Kelly, Festival Books

Week 9: Northern Renaissance Art [Claudia Daniotti]. Full reading list.

Harrison, 'The Printed Picture'

Woods, 'Holbein and the Reform of Images'

Baxandall, The Limewood Sculptors (Chapter 3)

Week 9: Medicine in the Renaissance [Caroline Petit]. Full reading list.
Please note that due to a teaching timetable clash, this class will take place on Thursday 1 December (Week 9), 14:00-16:00, in room OC1.04 (Oculus Building)

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Essay deadline: 12 noon, Tuesday 10th January 2023

The word limits are 3,500 (for RS200) and 4,000-4,500 (for RS300).

Essay questions

20 point marking scale/criteria

CSR essay writing guide