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GSD students showcase cutting-edge research

Warwick's Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS) is an exciting opportunity for students from different disciplines to undertake cutting-edge research over the summer. Each year, the URSS hosts a showcase to celebrate each participant's achievements. This year, the showcase took place on Wednesday 13 November 2019 in the Rootes Building on campus. The event was a great opportunity for participants to display their own work and also engage with other students' research.

Four GSD students were involved in the scheme this year (see below). They presented their research on a range of topics including microplastics in river sediment, sustainable finance in Singapore, climate change in Italy and an economic framework for carbon neutrality. Congratulations to Louisa, Priscilla, Nicola and Joaquin for their impressive and inspiring work.

A number of GSD students also took part in the scheme last year. See here to find out more.

URSS Showcase 2019: GSD students

Louisa Martin presenting her poster at the Undergraduate Research Support Scheme Showcase 2019
Louisa Martin
Final year Life Sciences and GSD student

Research title: Novel Method to Quantify Microplastics in River Sediment

"Over the summer I was at the School of Life Sciences looking into developing a method to extract and quantify microplastics from river sediment. Through the URSS I got a much better understanding and a real experience of what it means to do research with all the ups and downs; from freedom to experiment, making mistakes and discovering what works and what doesn’t, to the frustration of collecting data that isn’t right and needing to figure out where the experiment went wrong. I would recommend the URSS to anyone who likes learning and is up for a challenge!"

Priscilla Tay presenting her poster at the Undergraduate Research Support Scheme Showcase 2019
Priscilla Tay
Second year Economic Studies and GSD student

Research title: Sustainable Finance in Singapore

"The URSS program has been an extremely unique and enriching experience that I am very appreciative of having the opportunity to have been apart of. I had a very encouraging supervisor who supported me throughout this experience by sharing her feedback and insights, which I found particularly helpful. The URSS has provided me with a supportive space to explore my interests outside of my degree. It has also equipped me with the necessary skills required for research."

Nicola Blasetti's poster for the showcase
Nicola Blasetti

Alumnus, Politics, International Studies and GSD Research title: Italy and Climate Change

Joaquin Salido Castilla's poster for the showcase
Joaquin Salido Castilla

Final year Economic Studies and GSD student
Research title:
An Economic Framework for Carbon Neutrality

Are you thinking about doing your own project?

If you're interested in the URSS, applications are now open for next summer. Before applying, you'll need to establish a research proposal and find a supervisor who is willing to support your application. It might be a good idea to start by discussing this with your personal tutor.

The extended application deadline for the URSS is Sunday 12 January 2020. To apply, please complete the application form.

Hear from other students who've taken part in the URSS

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URSS drop-in sessions

Are you interested in applying for the URSS? Find out more at the drop-in session every Wednesday between 2-4pm in the Student Opportunity Hub on the Piazza.