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BASc Hispanic Studies and Global Sustainable Development

Bachelor of Arts & Sciences (BASc)

Three year full-time programme

Joint honours with Hispanic Studies and GSD
Study abroad & work placement opportunities

The ability to communicate and express oneself confidently in more than one language is a vital skill for any Global Citizen. A degree in Hispanic Studies and Global Sustainable Development (GSD) provides you with the unique opportunity to strengthen your Spanish speaking skills, and confront the critical challenges facing the Hispanic world. You will undergo a rigorous development of your language skills and explore Hispanic cultures with the School of Modern Languages and Cultures. Throughout the three years, this programme strikes a positive balance between language modules and cultural modules.

Meanwhile, with GSD you will start asking the Big Questions about climate change, social justice, biodiversity, and an array of other issues that will shape the future. The interdisciplinary approach of GSD offers a bridge between theoretical perspectives on sustainability and the practical steps that can be taken to enact change in the real world. Your first year will provide you with a strong grounding in the economic, environmental, and social principles of sustainable development, whilst your second and third years give you opportunity to diversify your knowledge and further pursue your passion for studying the Hispanic World.