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Complex Ecosystems and Climate Change

This theme aims to push the boundaries of our theories, knowledge, and practices to understand and underpin transformation to a more sustainable and resilient future in the Anthropocene through transdisciplinary research across multiple disciplines, sectors, and regions.

Objectives under this theme

  • Advance interdisciplinary theories to improve our understanding of complex (eco)systems in a changing world.
  • Conduct empirical research to reveal the complex and changing interactions, patterns, and processes in the coupled human-nature context.
  • Develop innovative solutions to foster sustainable transformation.

Main Topics

  • Water security, inequality, and resilience
  • Aquatic ecosystems (e.g., rivers and mangroves) under change
  • Data and digital technologies for sustainability (e.g., serious games, visualisation, sensor networks, and citizen science)
  • Environmental and data governance

Current Project

The Commonwealth Futures Climate Research Cohort programme


Staff associated with this theme

Dr Feng Mao