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Environmental Policy and Governance

To promote principles of good governance in the context of environmental policies to meet global biodiversity conservation targets, increase climate change adaptation and improve human well being.

Contributions of this research theme focus on:

  • Development of new theoretical paradigms that capture the complexities of socio-ecological systems and identify pathways of good governance
  • To capture and assess multi dimensional outcomes of environmental policies both for nature and people
  • Explore new and innovative ways to assess empirically the complex interactions of the social and the ecological system considering spatial and temporal dimensions
  • Develop tools to assist environmental policy practitioners in making informed decisions.

Main topics

  • biodiversity conservation
  • climate change adaptation
  • spatial & temporal statistical modelling
  • evaluation methods



Our Spaces 


Migration dynamics and management of protected areas in Madagascar

Commercialising social science research: social impact assessment for protected areas

Staff associated with this theme

Dr Nikoleta Jones (lead)

Dr Jim McGinlay

Dr Chrisovaladis Malesios

Dr Heri Andrianandrasana

Dr Alfie Begley