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Dr Harriet Richmond

Dr Harriet Richmond is the Researcher Development Consultant at the University of Warwick, with responsibility for staff researcher development. Prior to joining Warwick in 2022, Harriet was a Head of Department in the Faculty of Business and Law at the University of Northampton.

Harriet received a PhD in Drama from the University of Birmingham, UK in 2019. Her thesis examines the relationship between theatre design education, design and scenography practice and emergent professional identities of theatre designers by reconstructing the curriculum and pedagogy of the Motley Theatre Design Course, using visual and object elicitation research methods.

Harriet’s research interests are the formation and development of professional identities, explored through creative research methods, including photo and object elicitation, and art. Harriet is one of the three co-founders of the Non-Traditional Research Methods Network (NTRM), an interdisciplinary international research network that seeks to share novel and innovative research methods.