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Warwick Summer School Workshop on Policy Impact

Facilitator: Huw Edwards

Aims of the Session:

This session aims to advise and support participants in identifying what impact they want their research to have with policymakers and what areas of policy they need to influence. It will draw on the experience of promoting research to UK Parliament and Government but consider what parallels exist in the participants’ own countries and international institutions. It will help researchers develop the skills to give their work a policy focus and have impact in addition to the academic impact of their work.

Questions the training sessions will address:

  • What impact do you want your research to have?
  • How can you engage with policy makers?
  • What experience have you had of working with politicians and policy makers?
  • How can you give your research a policy focus?
  • How can you present your research to an interested non-expert?

This will be workshop in which participants will discuss key questions in small groups and share their conclusions with other colleagues.