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Get Involved


Across campus there are a series of workshops and events organised by Careers and Skills, allowing you to hear from employers and Warwick graduates about different job sectors. Examples of these events include:

Marketing, advertising and PR

Presentations and networking with industry professionals, allowing you to discover how you can carve a career in this sector, and to understand how to secure a role in this industry when you graduate.

Radio, film and TV

A panel of speakers on how they have pursued their careers in radio, film and TV, discussing the challenges they have faced, revealing the range of career opportunities available and how you might get involved.

Working for more than profit

An event driven by student demand to network with organisations and individuals, including alumni, across the Not for Profit sectors, enabling you to engage with those who are not working for commercial benefit.

At Warwick, we also offer you a range of programmes which will provide you with hands-on experience, helping you to start thinking about what to do next.

The Undergraduate Research Support Scheme offered at Warwick will enable you to carry out a summer research project. By taking part in this scheme you'll enhance your research and transferable skills in a wider community, making the experience invaluable for a range of academic and non-academic careers.

The Warwick Skills Portfolio Award helps you to develop skills that are valued by employers and that will be useful for you more broadly in your personal life and whilst studying at Warwick.

As a student ambassador or mentor for the Widening Participation and Outreach team, you could be working with school children from primary school through to sixth form. You'll play a vital role in making a high quality and challenging university education accessible for others.

Warwick in Africa is a programme which helps learners and their teachers across South Africa, Tanzania and Ghana. You could become a volunteer teacher, delivering maths and English lessons to some of the poorest schools, introducing new and inspiring teaching methods.

"The WIA programme operates on a collaborative basis, and there’s a genuine exchange of knowledge and ideas between educators with experience in different educational contexts. I worked with two English teachers from Soweto, to design and deliver a three-day workshop attended by their colleagues. Our sessions introduced new approaches to engage students creatively with English language and literature learning, within the parameters of the South African curriculum and schedule of work. In each session delegates were given time to share their successful teaching strategies, activities and ideas for best practice. The conversations were dynamic and thought-provoking, and we all came away from the workshop with new ideas."

Dr Kirsten Harris

Associate Professor, Liberal Arts

"As I have been learning about systems and making a sustainable impact on my course for two years now, I found my experience with Warwick in Africa not only a challenging and rewarding experience on a personal level, but also an edifying field trip academically and career-wise."

Virág Bélavári

Liberal Arts student

Read more about Virág's experience.

This four day programme is designed for all women undergraduates, to help you take hold of your personal development and achieve your ambitions. Getting involved in Sprint will allow you to build your network by meeting industry professionals, whilst working alongside mentors who will help you to keep track of and reach your goals.

At Warwick we also offer a range of work experience opportunities, from on campus roles through to partnerships with external employers.

Warwick Volunteers will allow you to experience volunteering in the community around campus, and in the surrounding areas where students live off campus. You will be able to apply your skills and knowledge in a different environment, discovering more about yourself and those around you.

By joining one of over 250 societies, you will meet other students and try out new things. Not only will this break up your studies, but there are also real benefits of joining a society in terms of your employability. By being part of a team, or taking on an executive position, you will be showing prospective employers that you are able to adapt yourself to life beyond your course work. See here to find out which society could be for you.

"It’s really easy to just throw yourself in and have a blast!"

"Being dedicated to societies means you absolutely get the most out of them. I’d highly recommend joining at least one and chances are you’ll love it and make some great friends. If you want to, why not apply for exec? It will equip you with so many skills (plus it looks great on a CV). Warwick has such a range of societies and clubs on offer, that it’s really easy to just throw yourself in and have a blast!"

Adrian Lawrence

Liberal Arts student

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Your skills

When thinking about preparing for your future, it is useful to assess your skills in order to see your strengths and weaknesses, which will help you explore your options.

Through our Skills and Careers service, we have a range of online resources available to help you map out your skills, alongside in-person Strengths workshops.

The right employer for you

Researching employers is essential to identify what kind of work is right for you. At Warwick we help you through this process by:

  • Connecting you to Alumni through e-mentoring, to help you get industry or career information.
  • Providing job sector events, careers fairs and presentations from employers.
  • Creating Employer Visit Reports, written by our Careers staff.