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Warwick Skills Portfolio Award

Develop, reflect, succeed

The Warwick Skills Portfolio Award (WSPA) will help you to develop skills that are valued by employers and that will be useful for you more broadly, in your personal life and whilst studying here at Warwick.
Celebrate your achievement and receive a certificate at our WSPA celebration events.

What do I need to do?

1. Complete the online Getting Started Moodle Course

2. Participate in 3 more WSPA activities

3. Set yourself 3 action points for each activity and work with your coach to reflect on your progress

4. Write a final entry reflecting on your overall learning and achievements

Get started now


The WSPA will give you the opportunity to:

  • Assess your strengths and development needs
  • Decide which skills you would most like to develop
  • Identify activities to help you improve those skills
  • Set yourself action points and put these into practice
  • Reflect on your learning and progress
  • Think about how you can improve further
  • Learn how to talk confidently about the skills you have developed

On completion of the award you will gain a University of Warwick certificate to recognise your achievement and will be invited to take part in a celebration event. If you are an undergraduate student, your achievement will also appear in your HEAR record.

About the WSPA

What did you gain from the WSPA?

“The skills I developed during the award have set me up for making the most of the next few years of university, and even beyond.”

- Why Mulan should have done the WSPA Award, and why you should too, student blog