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About Queering University

The Queering University programme supports staff and students at Warwick to develop, implement, share and sustain queer pedagogies and perspectives. It encourages teaching & learning, pastoral, and other practices that are inclusive of trans and LGBTQUIA+ people, and improves understanding in the classroom and wider university settings.

What does the programme hope to achieve?

The programme hopes to embed & centre queer perspectives, with the goal of understanding and improving the student and staff experience and dismantling barriers that hinder community, belonging, achievement, attainment, continuation, completion, and progression.

The University community has determined a collective vision of success for the programme. The programme is currently in its second phase.

How can staff and students get involved?

The programme is open to all members of the university community who would like to take an active role in it. There are many varied opportunities to engage with the programme, and the Queering University team will support interested staff and students to identify how they can best contribute.

Please contact the programme leads via for more information, or complete an initial interest form.