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Five-day exploration of values-based approaches for teaching practice

19th September to 23rd September

A five-day exploration of resources, connections and bite-size activities to support your own journey and consideration of the values important to you and your teaching practices.

This largely asynchronous event allows you to engage when and how you want with a curated range of resources and activities that explore values-based approaches that we may take with students to support their journey from induction to graduation and beyond. Bite-sized resources are curated around a particular theme for each day, with an invitation to dip in and out of those most interesting and relevant to you. Themes include getting to know our students, values in the digital space, and wellbeing for everyone. We also shine a light on educators, networks, groups, etc., with whom you might want to follow or connect. Participation simply involves signing up to receive a daily email straight to your inbox for the week, with resources and activities for each particular day. How you then engage is up to you. As a taster, you can see the first of the daily emails here.

Follow this link to sign up to this special event.

Don't miss the live workshops that are part of this special event also:

(This event has been developed by Kerry Dobbins, Jane Bryan and Julie Taylor.)

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