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Exploring GTA Identity workshop taking place Wednesday March 6th

This workshop will bring together GTAs from across departments to explore GTA identities to create collaborative, supportive spaces to explore and learn together. By sharing our stories and experiences, we ask: how can we build insight into GTA experiences which might build knowledge to help improve the conditions of GTAs and support their roles in teaching & learning?

Sat 24 Feb 2024, 17:34 | Tags: event

This LGBTQ+ History Month...

We want to make it possible for everyone to take part, so we've put together a list of activities that we hope everyone will be able to find something of interest in!

Tue 20 Feb 2024, 12:49 | Tags: participants wanted, awareness day, opportunity, external

Institutional Athena Swan silver award and commitment to trans inclusion

The University of Warwick has successfully renewed its Athena Swan Silver award. We'd like to thank the Athena Swan self-assessment team and the Gender Taskforce for their extensive work on this project and connected work, which intersects with and supports ours. Find out more about our joint work in this area.

Tue 13 Feb 2024, 21:29 | Tags: update

Gender Expression Fund open until 11th February

Trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming students can now apply for up to £50 of funding for gender-affirming items. Applications are open until Sunday 11th February.

Wed 31 Jan 2024, 01:21 | Tags: opportunity

Dr Ares Osborn wins Excellence in Gender Equality Award for work on Gender Expression Fund

Meet Dr Ares Osborn, founder and organiser of the Gender Expression Fund, a scheme that's making a significant impact to the lives of our trans student community here at Warwick through the provision of up to £50 funding towards gender-affirming items.

Wed 10 Jan 2024, 18:37

Arts Centre screening 'All Of Us Strangers'

From Fri 26 Jan the Arts Centre are screening ALL OF US STRANGERS – Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal lead Andrew Haigh’s hauntingly beautiful new film. Using a metaphysical conceit to meditate on love, grief and profound loss, Haigh’s poignant, carefully modulated ghost story revisits the traumas of a specific generation of gay men while illuminating the human condition more broadly. Superbly performed, it’s uncommonly perceptive and profoundly moving.

Sun 07 Jan 2024, 04:59 | Tags: event

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