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Staff Culture Focus Groups

[Shared from the Social Inclusion department - please contact opens in a new window for more information.]

You will hopefully be aware that the University recently ran a staff culture survey to explore staff sense of belonging and inclusivity at the University. To follow-up on the initial findings and further explore some specific staff experiences, the University have organised a series of six focus groups.


The focus groups are being run independently of the university by Sea-Change ConsultancyLink opens in a new window, who will administer and facilitate these sessions and provide the key findings from the focus groups, as well as recommendations for actions to take. You can register for a focus group directly through Sea-Change Consultancy by emailing email focusgroup@sea-changeconsultancy.comLink opens in a new window; the only people who will know you have participated will be Sea-Change and the other people in the focus group, and everyone will be asked to complete a confidentiality agreement to preserve your anonymity.


Six different groups

The six focus groups have been chosen based on the initial findings from the survey, and previous work we have conducted. We are keen to ensure we have a holistic view of staff experiences, that we build on the work we have already undertaken, and that we start thinking more intersectionally.


The specific groups chosen follow-up on our previous Athena Swan work, our Stonewall survey, and our previous race-specific focus groups. Those findings and recommendations are still informing our work and are still relevant.


These focus groups will add to that previous data to help fill-in gaps, and give us a more complete picture of staff lived experiences at the University:


  • Group 1: Staff in bands FA 1 - 4: Wednesday 22nd June 14.00 – 16.00

We want to explore general issues of equity and inclusiveness with staff in these bands who were underrepresented in our survey. We want to ensure staff in these bands have their voices heard and their concerns addressed through the work that we do.


  • Group 2: Staff in bands FA 6, 7, 8: Thursday 23rd June 10.00 – 12.00

We want to explore successes and challenges in driving forward equity, diversity, and inclusion with staff in these bands. We already have work underway with our most senior-grade staff, but we want to explore how we can drive forward equity, diversity, and inclusion with and through our staff in bands 6-8.

  • Group 3: LGBTQUIA+ staff members: Tuesday 28th June 10.00 – 12.00

This group is for anyone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, undefined, intersex, asexual, and any other sexual identities other than straight or heterosexual. We conducted a useful survey as part of our Stonewall submission, but we did not conduct a follow-up listening exercise, and our most recent survey suggested this would be useful.


  • Group 4: Disabled staff members: Thursday 30th June 14.00 – 16.00

This group is for any disabled member of staff. A disability is any long-term physical or mental health condition which has a significant, long-term impact on your day-to-day life and can include fluctuating and progressive conditions. We know there is more we can do to ensure our disabled colleagues feel a sense of belonging at the University and are able to thrive, and we want to explore that in this session.


  • Group 5: Religion, faith and belief: Monday 4th July 14.00 – 16.00

This group is for anyone at the University who proactively practices a specific religion, faith or belief. We know the University has some good practice in this area, but we could do more. We will look at the inclusivity of university culture for those who practice a specific religion, faith or belief, and what the university can do to ensure staff of particular religions, faiths and beliefs are given the space and facilities to practice.


  • Group 6: Women from minoritised ethnic backgrounds: Wednesday 6th July 10.00 – 12.00

This group is for any women who identify as being from a Black, Asian or other minoritized ethnic background. Our previous work has focussed on either race or gender, and we want this session to look specifically at the intersection of race and gender.

Registering for focus groups

To register for a focus group please email focusgroup@sea-changeconsultancy.comLink opens in a new window providing details of which group you are interested in joining.

Focus groups will be run online via Zoom and facilitated by trained and experienced consultants. If you have any access requirements, then please let Sea-Change know when you register. Each session is scheduled for two hours to allow time to unpack the issues and challenges and think about future action.


Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so if you identify with more than one of the groups outlined, you may want to provide your first and second choices. Sea-Change will liaise directly with you about the sessions once you have signed up, and so if you have any questions about the sessions, please do them directly via focusgroup@sea-changeconsultancy.comLink opens in a new window.


Social Inclusion Team contact details

Our work on Social Inclusion is on-going and we are always interested in your thoughts and feedback on equity, diversity, and inclusion here at Warwick. If you want to discuss equity and inclusiveness at Warwick at any point, then please get in touch directly with the Social Inclusion Team via: opens in a new window.


Thank you for your time and input in supporting these sessions,

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