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Mon 21 Jun, '21
The call for WIHEA Fellowship nominations closes at 12 noon, Monday, 21 June 2021
Fri 25 Jun, '21
Corridor Conversations: Creating effective videos for teaching and learning
Teaching Café, Events Channel

The Teaching Café are running a unique 'Corridor Conversations' session which provides the opportunity to work together with students and other teaching staff to explore the creation of effective videos for teaching and learning.

Accompanied by a representative from Academic Services Development and Library Associates, we will all work collaboratively to co-create a ‘how to' checklist for the production of an effective teaching video. The inclusion of the student voice within this session will make for an illuminating discussion of the issues faced by both those creating and learning from video content.

See you here on 25 June at 2.30pm!

Tue 13 Jul, '21
WIHEA Fellows' Networking Session