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Teaching Recognition and Reward (TR&R)

The Teaching Recognition and Reward (TR&R) Learning Circle aims to be able to inform institutional deliberations on issues of:

  • Parity of research and teaching
  • Teaching career development
  • Recognition and reward of teaching activity

This learning circle aims to provide scholarly evidence-based advice and input to the institutional consideration of these issues. It will achieve this by a systematic review and critical appraisal of the corpus of research conducted in this field in recent decades and, to provide a focus to this intention. We aim to help inform all aspects of recognition and reward of the full diversity of teaching activities, and to support and enthuse the promotion and adoption of excellent teaching practices across the institution.

It is a further intention to engage the WIHEA Fellowship in focus groups to gather structured data that may best represent the current situation across the institution as well as the aspirations of the teaching academy.

2020/21 Updates
Academic Promotions
The TR&R Learning Circle are pleased to share the output of some work conducted to support teaching focussed staff in developing their promotion applications. See link below for a set of example activities and evidence that teaching focussed colleagues have previously used in successful applications across the spectrum of levels of promotion. These authentic, anonymised examples are intended to supplement the examples given within the University Academic Promotions Criteria documentation to support teaching focussed colleagues in articulating their evidence against the criteria.

Academic Promotions - Teaching focussed staff

The TR&R Learning Circle have also shared a Good Practice guide for departments in supporting promotions applications for teaching focussed staff.

Academic Promotions Flowchart

Previous updates

Current areas of activity include continued work on the recent changes to the promotion criteria following the first round of promotions 2019. We are also exploring ongoing reward and recognition of teaching activities and revisiting earlier outputs to see what further work may be needed.

Teaching Study Leave Briefing Paper - September 2018

On the 13 December 2017, the Learning Circle held a Teaching Recognition and Reward Symposium which included presentations from three particularly well-informed speakers a video of the symposium is available to watch.

Teaching Recognition and Reward Briefing Paper - September 2017

Teaching Recognition and Reward Symposium Report - 13 December 2017

Engagement from other WIHEA Fellows is sought and encouraged to provide a balanced representation across all Faculties, as well as a range of teaching-related appointments and experience.

For further information on this Learning Circle or if you are a WIHEA Fellow interested in joining, please contact e dot l dot blagrove at warwick dot ac dot uk or l dot hammond dot 1 at warwick dot ac dot uk

Please see the News & Events page for dates of future meetings.

Current members of this circle:

  • Dr Elisabeth Blagrove (Psychology) - Co-chair
  • Dr Lucy Hammond (WMS) - Co-chair
  • Jessica Humphreys (LDC)
  • Dr Lydia Plath (History)
  • Abigail Ball (CTE)
  • Dr Jane Bryan (Law)
  • Prof. Sarah Richardson (History)
  • Dr Stefania Paredes Fuentes (Economics)
  • Dr Ian Tuersley (WMG)
  • Dr John Thornby (Engineering)
  • Dr Catherine Bennett (WMS)
  • Dr Nicholas Jackson (Maths/Economics)
  • Dr Sandra Pereira (WBS)
  • Dr Leticia Villamediana Gonzalez (SMLC)