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60 CATS - Core module for MASC Data Visualisation

Module Convenors - Dr Greg McInerny and Dr Cagatay TurkayLink opens in a new window


The Practical Final Project enables students to complete an individual research project that produces:

  • a substantial practice-based outcome, or series of outcomes,
  • with an accompanying 5000-word written report/thesis.

The final project is an exercise in independent study in which students pursue a topic of interest to them within the subject matter of their Masters programme.

For example, the practice based outcomes of MASC Data Visualisation students would include substantial visualisation and graphics work. These outcomes may result from, or be steered by, data analysis or communication, design studies or theoretical investigations, or methodological or tool development.

Whilst the emphasis of the Final Project is practical, rather than empirical or theoretical research (as in IM906 Dissertation), the work should engage with appropriate theories, methodologies, empirical understanding and methods in relation to the research topic, and should present critical reflections on how the empirical and theoretical frameworks shape and guide the practice-based research process. Likewise, the work may have an empirical component in evaluating or testing the research outcomes but that would not be the main focus.

As well as giving students the opportunity to develop skills in practice-based research, the module allows students to further develop a range of independent research skills, including literature search, researching previous work and bibliography construction, theoretical argument, and generation/appraisal of empirical evidence, and exploring links between theory and practice.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify, put into use, and critically interpret different conceptual approaches and developments in the field of research.
  • Produce independent research that demonstrates knowledge of a number of theoretical, practical and methodological perspectives studied during the degree.
  • Articulate dissertation ideas orally (to supervisors) and to produce well-argued written material, supported by wide reading and advanced research.
  • Formulate a sophisticated programme of practice based research with an appropriate methodology.

Important Information

The Final Project (Practical) is available for students on CIM Masters Programmes only.

Students will be allocated a supervisor/s by the module convenor based on the topic of study.