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Student as Producer (Performance) projects funded

Funding is available to both postgraduate (PGR and PGT) and undergraduate students. You may apply for up to £500 for your performance project which must cover any technical costs, e.g. guidance from an approved theatre technician. Rehearsal and performance space in IATL's spaces is provided. [Find out more]
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Student Projects funded by The CAPITAL Centre


Name Department Project title Performances
Dell, Samuel Mathematics Creation 2.0 Summer term 2016/17
Wozniak, Lilith Theatre & Performance Studies British Art Since 1707 Summer term 2016/17
Ward, Leanne English & Comparative Literary Studies In Defence of Kindness Spring term 2016/17
Lawrence, Samuel Theatre & Performance Studies Partners Rapt and IATL Present: Macbeth Spring term 2016/17
Norland, Nathan Mathematics A Portrait of the Universe: Past and Future Spring term 2016/17
Hussain, Hassan English & Comparative Literary Studies Fewer Emergencies' by Martin Crimp Summer term 2015/16
Kitson, Euan English & Comparative Literary Studies The Cheapside Project: Early modern plays for now Spring term 2013/14
Kulvichit, Ben Theatre & Performance Studies Celebration Autumn term 2016/17
Locatelli, Christophe Theatre & Performance Studies The Bed of Passage Autumn Term 2016/17
Servante, John English & Comparative Literary Studies Man Vs. Gravity Spring term 2015/16
McLeod, Ella English & Comparative Literary Studies OTHELLO Summer term 2015/16
Wozniak, Lilith School of Theatre Studies Pericles Summer term 2015/16
Brennan, Siobhan English & Comparative Literary Studies Calm down, dear Summer term 2015/16
Mason, Laura School of Theatre Studies Where the Heart Is Spring term 2015/16
Ejizu, Amaka English & Comparative Literary Studies Where my Girls At?: An exploration of theatrical space and black female identity Spring term 2015/16
Himali Howard, Anna English & Comparative Literary Studies Like There's No Tomorrow (A Show About the End of the World) Spring term 2015/16
Walker, Lucy History of Art Bacon Autumn term 2015/16
Higgins, Oliver Chemistry Bread and Mustard Spring term 2014/15
Loftus, Tommy English & Comparative Literary Studies Attempts On Her Life – Martin Crimp Spring term 2014/15
Franklin, Edward English and Comparative Literary Studies Breaking the Mould Autumn term 2014/15
Morning-Newton, Jack English and Comparative Literary Studies 21st Century Communities Project Autumn term 2014/15
George, Samuel School of Theatre Studies A Piece of Cod Autumn term 2014/15
Barrett, Billy English and Comparative Literary Studies The Beanfield: Heritage, Ritual and Re-enactment Spring term 2014/15
Green, Josh French Studies Performing the Shoah Spring term 2013/14
Horne, Eleanor English and Comparative Literary Studies The IKEA Kitchen Sink Dramas: New writing and naturalistic staging? Spring term 2014/15
Vansteenkiste, Stefanie Classics and Ancient History Pseudolus Autumn term 2013/14
Hatfull, Ronan English and Comparative Literary Studies Not you, Will. Summer term 2012/13
Bent, Matthew Theatre and Performance Studies Can the 'landscape' theatre aesthetic proposed by Gertrude Stein find a home within the context of a narrative-based theatre form? Spring term 2012/13
Wright, Emily Italian Studies MicroCinema Spring term 2012/13
Hutton, Daniel English and Comparative Literary Studies Early Warning Signs of Fascism Spring term 2012/13
Shepherd, Samuel Film and Television Studies Engagement Autumn term 2012/13
Mathias, Laura Film and Literature What Will Survive of Us Autumn term 2012/13
Finley, Charlotte Theatre and Performance Studies At her Feet Autumn term 2012/13
Gardiner, Alistair Film and Television Studies Exploring the Late Plays of Samuel Beckett Spring term 2011/12
Addivinola, Gabriella Italian Studies An infinite sphere, whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere Spring term 2011/12
Yang, Zheyu Law and Business A Devised Promenade Spring term 2011/12
Denly, Emma Jane English and Comparative Literary Studies Agatha Spring term 2011/12
Clare-Wood, Imogen English and Comparative Literary Studies Ensemble Project

Autumn term 2011/12

Gibbings, Clare-Carroll Classics and Ancient History Aristophanes' Cloud Autumn term 2011/12
Elliott, Joshua English and Comparative Literary Studies AND Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies The Innocent and the Thunderbolt Summer term 2010/11
Lyne, Rosanna & Sarah Foakes Philosophy Fool's Gold Spring term 2010/11
Roche, Joshua Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies When It Was May Spring term 2010/11
Hetzer, Maria Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies Bodies in/of Crisis: Staging the Wende Spring term 2010/11
Byrne, Claire Politics and International Studies The Lie: A Stage Adaptation of the Short Story The Lie by T.CBoyle. Autumn term 2010/11


Mills Fund

In 2010/11 IATL was also able to offer funding of £1260, donated by Chris Mills, for student performance projects on a scientific theme.

The funded projects were:

  • Whiteout by Francesca Duncan, Oliver Hayes, Stephanie Taylor and Thom May
  • State of Nature for Theatrescience, curated by Will Thomas