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Community-Based Care

This short course is designed to develop the skills required to manage patients with a range of chronic diseases such as diabetes, dementia, musculoskeletal conditions, depression and mental illness, and end of life care within primary care.

The course will introduce you to the knowledge and skills that are needed for the delivery and organisation of high quality care, responsive to the physical, emotional, psychological and social needs of people with chronic conditions within the multidisciplinary setting.

It is taught by specialists and GPs at Warwick Medical School as well as expert visiting speakers from specific fields relevant to the course content. It brings together students from a range of disciplines, enhancing the learning experience of all concerned.

This course will run face to face for thirty hours in total, divided into five days spread over nine months. You will be taught through lectures, seminars and group work. Assessment is by 4,000 word written assignment which will be completed within the year.

Module Content:

Topics featured in the course include:

  • Theoretical background to chronic conditions in the community such as diabetes, depression and mental illness, dementia and musculoskeletal conditions
  • Evaluating different treatments available for diabetes, depression and mental illness, dementia and musculoskeletal conditions in the setting of the community
  • Advanced knowledge and understanding in the provision of palliative care for chronic conditions
  • Exploring the effects of lifestyle, culture, ethnicity and choice in the management of patients with chronic conditions
  • Complementary roles of different professions involved in caring for patients with chronic conditions in the community
  • Dynamics of communication with patients, the multidisciplinary team and commissioners within the community

Key Facts


Cheryl Grantham / Eva Mussio / Claire Runaghan

Tel: 024 76573958

024 76572958

Course leader: Paramjit Gill

Duration: 5 days

Credits: 20

Assessment: 4,000 word written assignment to be submitted 8 weeks following the final taught session

Module code: MD987

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Tue 24 Apr '18
24/04 - 27/04: Community Based Care
Thu 24 May '18
Community Based Care

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