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Masters level module index A - Z

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Most of the modules in the Masters courses can also be taken as Postgraduate Awards (PGAs).
N.B. Not all of the following modules are open to all students and not all of them follow the same fee structure.


MD994-20 Advancing diabetes care: Evidence into practice
NT900-20 Anticoagulation Management Practice & Theory (B93E)
PC929-20 Applied Pharmacology and Therapeutics in Diabetes Care (B9ZO)
MD900-20 Assessment in Clinical Education (B9C0)


MD907-20 Becoming an Effective Teacher (B936)
MD924-12 Biomedical Sciences and Oral Biology (Dentistry programmes)


MD982-40 Clinical Examination Skills for Health Care Professionals (B92Y)
MD981-20 Clinical Investigations and Diagnostics for Health Care Professionals (B92X)
MD949-60 Clinical Practice in Orthodontic Dentistry (Dentistry courses)
MD929-60 Clinical Practice in Orthodontic Therapy (Dentistry courses)
MD974-40 Clinical Practice in Restorative Dentistry (Dentistry courses)
MH927-20 Clinical Quality Improvement and Risk Management (Dentistry courses)
MD987-20 Community-Based Care B90D
MD975-20 Complex Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry (Dentistry courses)
MD938-20 Critical Care - Advanced Emergency Practice (B91S) 
MD940-20 Critical Care - Pre-Hospital Special Incident Management (B91R)
MD939-20 Critical Care Transfer (B91Q) 



MD913-20 Design, Analysis and Interpretation of Epidemiological Research (B96P)
MH907-20 Diabetes in Pregnancy (B916)

Diabetes management in practice (clinical observation)

MH902-20 Disease Prevention and Health Protection
ME914-60 Dissertation
MD954-60 Dissertation (Dentistry programmes)


MH900-20 Epidemiology and Statistics (B920)
MD962-20 Essentials of Clinical Education (B92E)
MD967-20 Evidence and Values in Clinical Education (B92J)


MD927-12 Fixed Orthodontic Appliances (Dentistry courses)


MD999-20 Global Health 


MD910-20 Health Care Ethics (B9ZT)
MH901-20 Health Improvement and Management for Public Health
MH933-20 Health Screening (B9A8)



MH940-20 Improving Safety and Quality in Health Care (not running in 2019-2020)
  Infant Mental Health Online
MD928-12 Interdisciplinary Orthodontic Care (Dentistry courses)
MH910-20 International Health Policy (B928)
MD990-20 Introduction to Health Economics (for non-economists) (B90F)
MH928-20 Introduction to Management in Health Service Organisations (B9A2)


MD969-20 Learning Technologies in Healthcare Education


MH905-20 Management of Diabetes in Adolescence (B914)
MH934-20 Mixed Methods for Health Research (B9A9)
MD948-20 Multidisciplinary Treatment and Orthodontic Force Systems (Dentistry courses)



MH906-20 Other Forms of Diabetes (from Genetics to Obesity) (B915)



MD90A-20 Pathways to the public health workplace
NT901-5 PGT induction and your professional development
MD991-10 Physical Biology of the Cell
MD996-20 Preventing diabetes complications: An evidence based approach
MD925-12 Principles of Orthodontic Therapy (Dentistry courses)
MD947-60 Principles of Orthodontic Dentistry (Dentistry courses)
MD973-60 Principles of Restorative Dentistry (Dentistry courses)
MD955-40 Professional Project (Dentistry courses)
PC950-40 Professional Project
MD983-20 Psycho-social Management of Children and Young People with Diabetes (B9B7)
MD941-20 Public mental health and wellbeing: measurements, determinants and promotion (B91T)



MH930-20 Qualitative Research Methods in Health (B9A4)


MD926-12 Removable Orthodontic Appliances (Dentistry courses)
MD970-20 Research Methods in Clinical Education


MH903-20 Social Determinants of Health (B923)


MH923-20 Understanding Research and Critical Appraisal in Health Care (B926)
MD915-20 Understanding Research and Critical Appraisal in Health Care (Distance Learning) (B9C4)