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Athena SWAN Self Assessment Team

Ann Dixon (F) | Reader, Chair of Self Assessment Team

Claire Algar (F) | University Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Livia Bartok-Partay (F) | Assistant Professor

Elise Bennett (F) | Research Administrative Officer

David Capper (M) | Administrative Assistant

Paolo Coppo (M) | Senior Teaching Fellow, Outreach Lead

Scott Habershon (M) | Associate Professor, Director of UG Admissions

Maria Kariuki (F) | Postgraduate Research Student, Chair of Warwick Black Chemistry Society

Bo Kelestyn (F) | Director of Student Experience

Russ Kitson (M) | Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Donna McIntyre (F) | Senior Administrative Officer

Tania Reed (F) | Research Fellow, Chair Postdoctoral Society PSoC

Peter Scott (M) | Professor, Director of Institute of Advanced Studies

Mick Staniforth (M) | Senior Research Fellow, Chair of PSoc

Dianne Walsh (F) | Administrative Officer, Human Resources

Sam Walton (M) | Administrative Assistant

Mike Ward (M) | Professor, Head of Department