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Life at Warwick

Thinking of applying to study a Chemistry course at the University of Warwick?

Get a feel for the course and University from a student’s perspective by reading our Chemistry student blogs. Hear straight from our student bloggers, with blog and vlog content on topics such as their favourite modules, why they chose to study Chemistry at Warwick, student and campus life and preparing for your Chemistry degree.

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Jessica Man
Chemistry BSc

Hey everyone, I’m Jess! I’m a penultimate year Chemistry undergraduate from London.

As well as studying chemistry, I love being out with my friends and exploring the social scenes around the area. I am a keen musician, netball player and food blogger. It’s super important to make the most of your Warwick experience, so hopefully through my blogs, you can gain insight into ways to get involved in campus life and share some of the lessons I’ve learnt during my time at Warwick!

Feel free to send me any questions 🙂

Jess x

Jess' blog

Jess Man your chemistry blogger

Jess' student blog highlights

Recap of my first year at Warwick (Part 1: course and department)

By Jess Man

My favourite part of first year was labs. This was such a shock for me because I didn’t enjoy practicals during sixth form, but I’ve absolutely loved them at uni.

Having a good lab group definitely helps and I was fortunate to have grown close to mine over the year, along with making other good friends within the cohort.

I also loved the environment and the independence that we were given; of course we were given plenty of assistance initially, but it was such a promising start to my future lab endeavours and it’s the aspect of my degree that I look forward to most in the upcoming academic year!

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Transitioning from A-Level to University

By Jess Man

Hi everyone!

This month’s vlog discusses my personal experience transitioning from A-Levels to University, and any advice I can offer to incoming freshers.

I hope you enjoy it :))

Jess' vlog