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Warwick Chemistry Offer Holders Site



Is Warwick Right for Me?

If you have suitable grades you will probably have been made an offer by the University of Warwick as well as other universities. The Chemistry courses available are all different and what suits one person will not be the right choice for someone else.

So what's different about our Chemistry course? This area aims to give you a balanced view of our course to help you decide, one way or another, whether our course would be right for you.




You can't make decisions without all the information and how you "feel" about a place will be an important factor in your decision. This can include lots of little things like whether the atmosphere suits you, how well you got on with the staff and students and what your accommodation will look like. Even if you're not sure it's worthwhile checking out the options. Find out how to visit us.



Firm and Insurance Choices

Do you need some help deciding on which offer should be your final firm choice and which should be your insurance choice? This area contains some guidelines and advice on your choices.

chemistry student


Do you want to talk to someone else? Options are available for you to talk to other offer holders, students currently studying in the department and staff in the department.