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Parliament Prize for Warwick Chemist

Fabienne uses computational methods to find out how to stop large ice crystals from forming in biological materials – for example blood samples or the storage of other fluids.

She said: “Being able to communicate what you do to lay people is really important for policymaking – it informs policy, it informs other people that might actually want to be involved but don’t necessarily have that level of expertise – but you can make that accessible by explaining what you do at a more friendly, user-level.”

In response to winning Silver, Fabienne added: “I’m over the moon! I never win anything and I’ve worked so hard for this, so I’m really, really pleased. I know of couple of people who have applied in the past who weren’t successful but they said I should give it a go anyway to see, so I gave it a go and I was so happy to just be here – I didn’t expect to win!”


Wed 11 Mar 2020, 10:20 | Tags: news prize people MeasMod