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Warwick Chemistry part of Industrial Biotechnology consortia worth > £6 Million.

Chemo-enzymatic Synthesis of Speciality Glycans (Gibson)

The vision of the project centres around the translation of traditional and novel methodologies to develop sustainable and versatile platforms for the industrial production of glycans on scale. We will demonstrate the technology by targeting a set of novel glycan materials that are anticipated to have significant transformational potential in human health and disease in diagnostics and glycoengineering applications. This project requires an integrated approach featuring: 1) synthetic chemistry (unnatural building blocks) 2) biocatalysis (enzymatic synthesis of larger glycans) 3) showcasing glycan potential in diagnostics (glycoarray based platforms). The significant anticipated progression of both biocatalysis and glycoarray technologies will reduce commercialisation barriers both in terms of commercial glycan production and 'first in the market' glycan array companies

Renewable aromatic chemicals from lignin (Bugg)

A consortium led by Biome Bioplastics Ltd aims to harness industrial biotechnology techniques to produce bio-based chemicals from the renewable polymer lignin at a scale suitable for industrial testing. Lignin is an abundant waste product of the pulp and paper industry. The availability of these chemicals could revolutionise the bioplastics market. For the first time, it would allow natural polymers to truly compete with oil-based polymers on both cost and functionality.  

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