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Symposium on Charge Transfer at Metal-Organic Interfaces in Warwick

Location: Miburn House, University or Warwick

the one-day symposium on “Charge Transfer in Metal-Organic Systems at Surfaces” that will take place in Warwick on November 14th.

The symposium will address new research advances in a field of growing interest due to the vast library of two dimensional architectures that have been discovered and the interest in applying these systems toward novel chemical and electronic applications. The symposium will gather top experts in the subject from around the world (see schedule below). We encourage contributions from students and postdocs for the poster session and welcome participation in the symposium from anyone interested in the topic.

This symposium is supported by the IAS, the Materials GRP, the RSC and the IOP. Participation is free of charge, but we do ask that you please register so that we have an accurate head count for seating and for lunch. Please send your name and affiliation to with subject line “CT symposium.” If you would like to present a poster, please send the poster title and a short abstract (less than 250 words) to the same address by November 1st.

A discussion session will be held in advance of the symposium for anyone interested in reviewing recent work by the speakers. This session will be especially intended to encourage and facilitate active participation and discussion throughout the symposium by students and postdocs, so they are especially encouraged to attend, if possible. This session will take place on Wednesday, November 7 from 10:00-12:00.

Symposium Schedule – Wednesday, November 14

10:00 Welcome by Prof. Giovanni Costantini, University of Warwick

10:10 Prof. Hans-Peter Steinrück, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg

10:55 Prof. José Ignacio Pascual, CIC nanoGUNE, San Sebastian

11:40 Discussion

12:00 Lunch and Posters

13:30 Prof. Steven Tait, Indiana University

14:15 Prof. Reinhard Maurer, University of Warwick

15:00 Discussion

15:20 Poster and Coffee Break

15:50 Prof. James O’Shea, University of Nottingham

16:35 Prof. Nian Lin, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

17:20 Discussion

17:40 Concluding Remarks by Prof. Costantini


Milburn House, Institute of Advanced Study

University of Warwick

Campus map:

Google maps:

* The same venue will be used for the pre-symposium discussion and for the symposium.

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