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Chemistry for All

Chemistry live events and activities are back

Bookable activities

We're really getting back into the swing of things following that lockdown business. Here are our current bookable activities and events but please check back as we will be thinking of more engaging and exciting ways to make Chemistry for All.

Christmas Lecture, Thursday 8 December

Santa has a problem. He’s worried about climate change and carbon dioxide emissions! Join Warwick Scientist to consider electrifying Santa and making Christmas green, exploring exciting exoplanets and discovering the fascinating world of the Brussels sprout! Find out more and bookLink opens in a new window

'From Solar Power to Horse Power', a full lesson at time to suit - let's find a slot in your school day

Did Yoda first propose the law of energy conservation, or is he just a cool green guy who’s surprisingly handy with a light sabre? KS3 pupil will learn the answer to this and so much more! We will treat them to amazing facts, brain-teasing quiz questions and, best of all, light-operated remote control car races. All whilst learning all about the chemistry of solar power. Talk to us about booking this activity for your schoolLink opens in a new window