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January Plans


January Plans



Write book chapter on metal complex DNA interactions for Janice: Draft done!!!

Complete chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7 for CD and LD book: Done chapter 7; done chapter 6; struggling with figures for chapter 5; chapter 4 done bar references and tetracene

Complete appendices for the book: Done

Perhaps start on material for chapters 1-3: First draft of ch 1

Work on Raman Optical Activity proposal: made progress

Not get behind on email: struggling

Spend time at UWS: done this and run a very successful writing retreat - we must try it



1. Work out correct equations for DLS measuring viscosity

2. Re-do DNA LD at specific shear rates (and for DNA + ethidium bromide)

3. Repeat analysis of DLS data using new equations  

4. Finish chapter on viscosity Nearly there!

5. Finish chemical biology cluster talk  

6. Do corrections on genetics chapter  

7. CD and LD of a, b and z forms of three types of DNA



1) Do something with PCAPP - booked on four workshops for spring term - need to read more about other requirements


2) Submit SRLD gramicidin paper - nearly!!!


3) Explore funding opportunities for New Investigator schemes and similar - found some, enquiry with chris veal


4) Finish draft of Louise Serpell paper - visiting sussex uni 26-27th jan to finish this


5) Make sure Ben has all required data - has most data apart from models of amyloid - working on this


6) Write website - not done yet - looks like a weekend/evening job!




1. Prepare for the talk of the group meeting on 12th (Done)


2. Detect FtsZ protein concentration (Done)


3. Continue experiments for FtsZ polymerization (Detected the concentration of FtsZ again, but the result is similar.)


4. Collect and analyse the data on FtsZ polymerization with YgfE mutants


5. Perhaps make and purify more FtsZ (Failed when did Ion exchange chromatography. Do it again)



  1. Final corrections to chapter 1. Cobalt
  2. Rewrite chapter 2. Melittin in DMPC membranes
  3. 1 day a week do experiments I need to fill the gaps with melittin.
  4. Write the 232 transition chapter 3.



1: Complete spectra for capillary cell. (ACS required)

2: Ensure the functionality of the proposed capillary CD cell and associated optics. (Chased up Marcus for lens holder, design other than that is fundamentally sound)

3: Write LD wiki. (First draft completed. Awaiting feedback from the group)

4: Begin work on Acid Etching, starting with SOP before beginning laboratory work. (Checked with Rob, ready to go)

5: Keep in touch with Rhod and William, continue to learn engineering/machining. (Ongoing, spectrosil sample polished. New instrument design has been discussed with Richard)

6: Get accreditation for the Engineers¡¯ course. (After consultation with Matt I have dropped this idea)

7: Look into Su-8 photo-resist cells. (Awaiting fresh samples of quartz for Su-8 testing).