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Sorry my May passed in a blur


1. Finish off viscosity work - Hopefully getting close to a finishing point

2. Finish DNA shoulder work - Awaiting feedback on AO data

3. Start end of year report - Completed

4. Create year 2 poster - Completed

5. Complete 3 parts of transferable skills module - 1/3 done

6. Finish off A,B,Z DNA work - Repeating spermine z dna experiment 1st June

7. Start work on Viscosity paper - Written a possible intro, or part of intro, put together ish.



1) Prepare talk for Chemical Biology cluster meeting

2) Do FtsZ's GTPase activity experiment with YgfE

3) Start to write first year end report

4) Start to complete transferrable skills module assignments

5) Have a meeting for my project progress, then do the plan for next experiments



1.) Collect capillary data at Biology. Ongoing. Data collected thus far looks promising.

2.) Design and build etching apparatus. Designs completed. Awaiting meeting with Rhod and Will.

3.) Complete personal website. Website up now, with small blurbs about research.

4.) Complete poster for postgraduate event (30th of May). Poster almost completed. All I need is a picture of the new cell, a gilson 'piggy-backed' pipette and a few spectra.

5.) Complete etching rate work.