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1994 Publications

  • Baldwin, J. E.; Claridge, T. D.; Hulme, C.; Rodger, A.; Schofield, C. J. “Comments on the use of a dichromophoric circular dichroism assay for the identification of beta-turns in peptides” International Journal of Peptide and Protein Research 1994, 43, 180-183
  • Fidler, J.; Rodger, P. M.; Rodger, A. “Chiral solvent structure around chiral molecules: experimental and theoretical study” Journal of the American Chemical Society 1994, 116, 7266-7273
  • Adlam, G.; Blagbrough, I. S.; Taylor, S.; Latham, H. C.; Haworth, I. S.; Rodger, A. “Multiple binding modes with DNA of anthracene-9-carbonyl-N1-spermine probed by linear dichroism, circular dichroism, normal absorption, and molecular modelling compared with those of spermidine and spermine” Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 1994, 4, 2435-2440
  • Rodger, A.; Blagbrough, I. S.; Adlam, G.; Carpenter, M. L. “DNA binding of a spermine derivative: spectroscopic study of anthracene-9-carbonyl-N1-spermine with poly(dG-dC)2 and poly(dA-dT)2Biopolymers 1994, 34, 1583-1593
  • Johnson, B. F. G.; Rodger, A.; Colwell, S. M. “A unified view of inorganic stereochemistry and stereochemical changes” Inorganica Chimica Acta 1994, 219, 187-192