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2000 Publications

  • Parkinson, A., Hawken, M., Hall, M., Sanders, K.J., Rodger, A. “Amine induced Z-DNA in poly(dG-dC).(dG-dC): circular dichroism and gel electrophoresis study” PCCP, 2000, 2, 5469-5478
  • Pandya, M.J., Spooner, G.M., Sunde, M., Thorpe, J.R., Rodger, A., Woolfson, D.N. “Sticky-end assembly of a designed protein fibre provides insight into protein fibrillogenesis” Biochemistry, 2000, 39, 8728-8734
  • Rodger, A., Sanders, K.J., Hannon, M.J., Meistermann, I., Parkinson, A., Vidler, D.S., Haworth, I.S. “DNA structure control by polycationic species: polyamines, cobalt ammines, and di-metallo transition metal chelates” Chirality, 2000, 12, 221-236
  • Ismail, M.A., Rodger, P.M., Rodger, A. “Drug self-assembly on DNA: sequence effects with trans-bis-N-methylpyridiniumyl)diphenyl porphyrin and Hoechst 33258” Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, 2000, S2, 335-348