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2001 Publications

  • Dafforn, T.R.; Halsall, D.J.; Rodger, A. “The detection of single base pair mutations using a novel spectroscopic technique” Chemical Communications 2001, 2410-2411
  • Woolhead, C.A.; Thompson, S.J.; Moore, M.; Tissier, C.; Mant, A.; Rodger, A.; Henry, R.; Robinson, C. “Distinct albino3-dependent and -independent pathways for thylakoid membrane protein insertion” Journal of Biological Chemistry 2001, 276, 40841-40846
  • Hannon, M.J., Meistermann, I., Isaac, C.J., Blomme, C., Aldrich-Wilson, J.R., Rodger, A. “Paper: a cheap yet effective chiral stationary phase for chromatographic resolution of metallo-supramolecular helicates” Chemical Communications 2001, 1078-1079
  • Rodger, A.; Parkinson, A. and Best, S. “Molecular features of Co(III) tetra and pentammines affect their influence on DNA structure” European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2001, 9, 2311-2316
  • Jackson, A., Davis, J., Pither, R.J., Rodger, A., and Hannon, M.J. “Estrogen-derived steroidal metal complexes: Agents for cellular delivery of metal centers to estrogen receptor-positive cells” Inorganic Chemistry, 2001, 40, 3964-3973
  • Etherington, K.J. Rodger, A.; Hemming, P. “CHN microanalysis a technique for the 21st century?” LabPlus International, 2001, Feb/March, 26-27
  • Scigelova, M., Green, P.S., Giannakopulos, A.E., Rodger, A., Crout, D.H.G.C., Derrick, P.J. “A practical protocol for reduction of disulfide bonds in proteins prior to analysis by mass spectrometry” European Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 2001, 7, 29-34
  • Woolhead, C.A., Mant, A., Kim, S.J., Robinson, C., Rodger, A. “Conformation of a purified, ‘spontaneously’ inserting thylakoid membrane protein precursor in aqueous solvent and detergent micelles” Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2001, 276, 14607-14613
  • Sanders, K.J., Wiles, H., Rodger, A. “Dialysis cells for controlled DNA:drug binding studies” The Analyst, 2001, 126, 852-854
  • Hannon, M.J., Moreno, V., Prieto, M.J., Molderheim, E., Sletten, E., Meistermann, I., Isaac, C.J., Sanders, K.J., Rodger, A. “Intramolecular DNA coiling mediated by a metallo supramolecular cylinder” Angewandte Chemie, 2001, 40, 879-884