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2004 Publications

  • Halsall, D.J.; Dafforn, T.R; Marrington, R.; Halligan, E.; and Rodger, A. “Linear Dichroism for quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction applications: An intrinsic signal from DNA has the potential to be an interference-free, specific and label free probe for real-time and quantitative PCR” IVD Technology, 2004, 6, 51-60
  • Dafforn, T.R. and Rodger, A. “Unravelling the configuration of protein fibres and membrane proteins” Current Opinion in Structural Biology, 2004, 14, 541-546
  • Marrington, R.; Small, E.; Rodger, A.; Dafforn, T.R.; Addinall, S. “FtsZ fibre bundling is triggered by a calcium-induced conformational change in bound GTP” Journal of Biological Chemistry 2004, 47, 48821-48829
  • Rajendra, J.; Baxendale, M.; Dit Rap, L.G.; Rodger, A. “Flow linear dichroism to probe binding of aromatic molecules and DNA to single walled carbon nanotubes” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2004, 126, 11182-11188
  • Ambroż, H.B.; Kemp, T.J.; Rodger, A.; and Przybytniak, G. “Ferric and ferrous ions: binding to DNA and influence on radiation-induced processes” Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2004, 71, 1023-1030
  • Marrington, R.; Dafforn, T. R.; Halsall, D.J.; Rodger, A. “Micro volume Couette flow sample orientation for absorbance and fluorescence linear dichroism” Biophysical Journal, 2004, 87, 2002-2012
  • McCabe, R.W., Rodger, A. and Taylor, A. “A study of the secondary structure of Candida antarctica lipase B using synchrotron radiation circular dichroism measurements” Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 2004, 36, 70-74
  • Alcock, N.W., Sanders, K.J., Rodger, A. “Potential injectable contraceptive steroids: testosterone buciclate” Acta Crystallographica 2004, E60, o348-o349
  • Dafforn, T.R.; Rajendra, J.; Halsall, D.J.; Serpell, L.C.; Rodger, A. “Protein Fiber Linear Dichroism for Structure Determination and Kinetics in a Low-Volume, Low-Wavelength Couette Flow Cell” Biophysical Journal 2004, 86, 404-410