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2006 Publications

  • Duff, M.R; Tan, W.B.; Bhambhani, A.; Perrin, B.S. Jr.; Thota, J.; Rodger, A.; Kumar, C.V. “Contributions of hydroxyethyl groups to the DNA binding affinities of anthracene probes” The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2006, 110, 20693–20701
  • Khalid, S.; Hannon, M.J.; Rodger, A.; Rodger, P.M. “Shape effects on the activity of synthetic major-groove binding ligands” Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling, 2006, 25, 794-800
  • Stootman, F.H.; Fisher, D.M.; Rodger, A.; Aldrich-Wright, J.R. “Improved curve fitting procedures to determine equilibrium binding constants” The Analyst, 2006, 131, 1145-1151
  • Rodger, A.; Marrington, R.; Geeves, M.A.; Hicks, M.; de Alwis, L.; Halsall, D.J.; Dafforn, T.R. “Looking at long molecules in solution: what happens when they are subjected to Couette flow?” Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2006, 8, 3161-3171
  • Hannon, M.J.; Green, P.S.; Fisher, D.M.; Derrick, P.J.; Beck, J.L.; Watt, S.J.; Ralph, S.F.; Shiel, M.M.; Barker, P.R.; Alcock, N.W.; Price, R.J.; Sanders, K.J.; Pither, R.; Davis, J.; Rodger, A. “An estrogen-platinum terpyridine conjugate: DNA and protein binding and cellular delivery”, Chemistry A European Journal, 2006, 12, 8000-8013
  • Hicks, M.R.; Rodger, A.; Thomas, C.M.; Batt, S.M.; Dafforn, T.R. “Restriction enzyme kinetics monitored by UV linear dichroism” Biochemistry 2006, 45, 8912-8917
  • Marrington, R.; Seymour, M.; Rodger, A. “A new method for fibrous protein analysis illustrated by application to tubulin microtubule polymerisation and depolymerisation” Chirality 2006, 18, 680-690
  • Childs, L.J.; Malina, J.; Pascu, M.; Rolfsnes, B.E.; Prieto, M.J.; Broome, M.J.; Rodger, P.M.; Sletten, E.; Moreno, V.; Rodger, A.; Hannon, M.J. “A DNA-binding cuprous metallo-supramolecular cylinder that can act as an artificial nuclease” Chemistry A European Journal 2006, 12, 4919-4927
  • Oleksi, A.; Blanco, A.G.; Boer, R.; Usón, I.; Aymamí, J.; Rodger, A.; Hannon, M.J.; Coll, M. “Molecular recognition of a three-way DNA junction by a metallo-supramolecular helicate”, Angewandte Chemie 2006, 45,1227-1231
  • Khalid, S.; Hannon, M.J.; Rodger, A.; Rodger, P.M. “Simulations of DNA coiling around a synthetic supramolecular cylinder that binds in the DNA major groove” Chemistry A European Journal 2006, 12, 3493-506
  • Rajendra, J.; Damianoglou, A.; Hicks, M.; Booth, P.; Rodger, P.M.; Rodger, A. “Quantitation of protein orientation in flow-oriented unilamellar liposomes by linear dichroism”, Chemical Physics 2006, 326, 210–220
  • Tan, W. B., Bhambhani, A., Duff, M. R., Rodger, A. and Kumar, C. V. (2006) “Spectroscopic identification of binding modes of anthracene probes and DNA sequence recognition”, Photochemistry and Photobiology 2006, 82, 20-30