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2007 Publications

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  • Bulheller, B.; Rodger, A.; Hirst, J.D. “Circular and linear dichroism of proteins” Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2007, 9, 2020-2035
  • Small, E.; Marrington, R.; Rodger, A.; Scott, D.J.; Sloan. K.; Roper, D.; Dafforn, T.R.; Addinall, S.G. “FtsZ polymer-bundling by the Escherichia coli ZapA orthologue, YgfE involves a conformational change in bound GTP” Journal of Molecular Biology, 2007, 369, 211-221
  • Galindo, M.A.; Olea, D.; Romero, M. A.; Gómez, J.; del Castillo, P.; Hannon, M.J.; Rodger, A.; Zamora, F.; Navarro, J.A.R; “Design and Non-covalent DNA Binding of Platinum(II) Metallacalix[n]arenas” Chemistry ¾ A European Journal, 2007, 13, 5075–5081
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  • Richards, A.D.; Rodger, A. “Synthetic metallomolecules as agents for the control of DNA structure” Chemical Society Reviews, 2007, 36, 471-483