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Dr Remzi Becer


Dr. Remzi Becer

Assistant Professor of Chemistry



Research Summary

We are working on the development of new synthetic methods to prepare functional polymers that can be used in wide range of applications, which are oil additives for engines, nanoparticles for drug/gene delivery into cells, and sequence controlled copolymers for selective targeting of cells.


Selected Publications

Single-Chain Glycopolymer Folding via Host-Guest Interactions and Its Unprecedented Effect on DC-SIGN Binding, Yilmaz G, Uzunova V, Napier R and Becer CR, BIOMACROMOLECULES Issue:19 Page: 3040-3047 Published: 2018

One Size Does Not Fit All: The Effect of Chain Length and Charge Density of Poly(ethylene imine) Based Copolymers on Delivery of pDNA, mRNA, and RepRNA Polyplexes, Blakney A, Yilmaz G, MacKay PF, Becer CR, Shattock RJ, BIOMACROMOLECULES Issue:19 Page: 2870-2879 Published: 2018

Ugi multicomponent reaction to prepare peptide-peptoid hybrid structures with diverse chemical functionalities, Hartweg M, Edwards-Gayle CJC, Radvar E, Collis D, Reza M, Kaupp M, Steinkonig J, Ruokolainen J, Rambo R, Barner-Kowollik C, Hamley IW, Azevedo HS and Becer CR, POLYMER CHEMISTRY Issue:9 Page: 482-489 Published: 2018

Manipulation of Cytokine Secretion in Human Dendritic Cells using Glycopolymers with Picomolar Affinity for DC-SIGN, Mitchell DA, Zhang Q, Voorhaar L, Haddleton DM, Herath S, Gleinich AS, Randeva HS, Crispin M, Lehnert H, WallisR, Patterson S and Becer CR, CHEMICAL SCIENCE Issue:8 Page: 6974-6980 Published: 2017

SET-LRP of acrylates catalyzed by a 1 penny copper coin, Aksakal R, Resmini M, Becer CR
POLYMER CHEMISTRY Issue:7 Page: 6564-6569 Published: 2016

Direct Polymerization of Levulinic Acid via Ugi Multicomponent Reaction, Hartweg M, Becer CR
GREEN CHEMISTRY Issue:18 Page: 3272-3277 Published: 2016