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Prof. dr. ir. Stefan A. F. Bon

Stefan is a full professor at the University of Warwick in Polymer and Colloid Chemical Engineering. Originally from the Netherlands, he joined Warwick Chemistry in spring 1998. His research team, BonLab, works at the forefront of polymer and colloid science, by blending chemistry, with soft matter physics, and chemical engineering. His team is working with a variety of multinational industrial players to innovate in science.

s dot bon at warwick dot ac dot uk

024 765 74009

Office C524


My virtual (COVID-19) office hours are: 09:00-10:00 Tuesdays. Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Check out our website BonLab for the info and some trivia.

What are our recent research outputs and activities? Check it out on the BonLab website.

The BonLab is interested in:

  • the chemistry and physics of colloidal systems in which molecular and/or colloidal entities can be assembled into more complex supracolloidal structures, with the aim to produce innovative advanced materials, and
  • the synthesis of particles and macromolecules with a design tailored to provide function, for example motility, or responsive photonic behavior.

We investigate and develop methods to (self)-organise colloidal matter, and aim for an understanding of the interactions involved between molecular and colloidal building blocks and potential macroscopic substrates. We find it important that our technologies can be scaled-up and are of use in a variety of industrial applications ranging from sensors and devices, coatings and adhesives, to food, personal care, agricultural and biological systems.

Stefan Bon is passionate about teaching. He is a winner of an individual Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence (WATE, 2021). His track record includes: the introduction of interactive "clickers" to Warwick Chemistry, the first online lecture capture for Warwick Chemistry (Youtube), and the design and refurbishment of our undergraduate teaching labs. He is also the founder of Chemistry Café.

Stefan lectures in undergraduate teaching 2020/2021:

CH272 Polymer and Material Physics

CH3F6 Polymer and Colloid Science (incl. Colloids I)

CH415 Colloids II

Stefan lectures in postgraduate teaching on the MSCs in Polymer Chemistry/Science. His key module there is Colloids I + II (CH975).

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