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Stuart Henry - Chan Group


Stuart did his undergraduate studies at the University of Central Lancashire working under Dr. Rob Smith. He graduated in 2015 with a first class MChem degree with a dissertation titled 'The Development of Novel Anti-Fungal Agents'.


For his postgraduate studies Stuart is currently working towards his Ph.D. in Chemistry here at Warwick under the supervision of the Monash-Warwick Alliance Chair Professor of Sustainable Chemistry, Philip Wai Hong Chan.

Ph.D. Project

Brønsted acid catalysis is an extremely broad area of research and, in many cases, is limited based on the transformation; it can, however, be applied to a plethora of transformations. As is clear from the literature, chiral Brønsted acids have the ability to catalyse a wide range of organic transformations towards asymmetric natural and synthetic products of industrial value. Due to the versatility of these catalysts with respect to their adaptability and application there are still, and will continue to be, many unexplored depths to their abilities and potential. Through my research I aim to further broaden the scope to which chiral Brønsted acid catalysis currently extends, with focus on asymmetric counteranion-directed catalysis.

Project Graphical Description

Stuart Henry Photo


Department of Chemistry,

University of Warwick,

Gibbet Hill Road,


CV4 7AL.


s dot henry at warwick dot ac dot uk