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Prof. Andrew Clark


Prof. Andrew J. Clark

University Academic Director

WIHEA Fellow

BSc, PhD (London)

+44 (0)24 7652 3242









Research Summary: For Full Biography see here.

Synthesis and Catalysis: Organic methodology development and free radical mediated chemistry in organic synthesis. Development of atom transfer radical cyclisations and radical-polar crossover reactions in natural product synthesis. Development of C-C bond forming reactions using copper catalysis. Atropisomeric chemistry, particuarly rotational dynamics of enamides and application to molecular machines

Sustainable Materials: Green chemistry, biomaterials and waste sequestration. Use of plant oils to manufacture polyurethanes, epoxy resins, polyesters, polyamides, polytriazoles, polyoxazoles and phenolic polymer composites. Degradation of lignin. Renewable 3-D printing

Medicinal Chemistry: Using chemical genomics, anti-cancer and antibiotic agents.

Selected Publications: For Full Publication List see here.

Synthetic Study toward Total Synthesis of Germine: Synthesis of (+/-)-4-Methylenegermine. Gilbert Stork, Ayako Yamashita, Robert M. Hanson, Ly Phan, Eifion Phillips, Daniel Dube, Pieter H. Bos, Andrew J. Clark, Maxwell Gough, Mark L. Greenlee, Yimin Jiang, Keith Jones, Masato Kitamura, John Leonard, Tongzhu Liu, Philip J. Parsons, Aranapakam M. Venkatesan. Org. Letts. 2017, doi: 10.1021/acs.orglett.7b02434

A chemical genomics approach to drug reprofiling in oncology: Antipsychotic drug risperidone as a potential adenocarcinoma treatment. Susan J Dilly, Andrew J Clark, Andrew Marsh, Daniel A. Mitchell, R. Cain, Colin W Fishwick, Paul C. Taylor. Cancer Lett. 2017, 393, 16-2

Synthesis and Properties of Polyesters from Waste Grapeseed Oil: Comparison with Soybean and Rapeseed Oils. Andrew J. Clark, Andrew H. Ross, Stefan A. F. Bon. J Polym Environ 2017, 25, 1-10

Direct valorisation of waste cocoa butter triglycerides via catalytic epoxidation, ring-opening and polymerisation. Dorota Plaza, Vinzent Strobel, Parminder Kaur Heer,Andrew Sellars, Seng-Soi Hoong, Andrew J Clark, Alexei Lapkin, J. Chem. Technol. Biotechnol. 2017, 92, 2254-2266 (open access)

Axially Chiral Enamides: Substituent Effects, Rotation Barriers and Implications for their Cyclization Reactions. Andrew J. Clark, Dennis P. Curran, David J. Fox, Franco Ghelfi, Collette S. Guy, Benjamin Hay, Jessica M. Phillips, Fabrizio Roncaglia, Philip B. Sellars, Paul Wilson, Hanmo Zhang. J. Org. Chem. 2016, 81, 5547-5565 (open access)

Cu⁰ Promoted Cyclization of Unsaturated α-Halogeno Amides to give β- and γ-Lactams. Andrew J. Clark, Jonathan N. Duckmanton, Fulvia Felluga, Armando Gennaro, Franco Ghelfi, Jack R. D. Hardiman, Abdirisak A. Isse, Claudia Manferdini, Domenico Spinelli Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2016, 2479–2491

Copper Catalyzed Atom Transfer Radical Cyclization Reactions. Andrew J. Clark, Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2016, 2231-2243.

Effect of the N-based ligands in copper complexes for depolymerisation of lignin. Jinhuo Dai, Sepa Nanayakkara, Thomas C. Lamb, Andrew J. Clark, Si-Xuan Guo, Jie Zhang, Antonio F. Patti, Kei Saito. New J. Chem, 2016, 40, 3511 – 3519