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Dr. Ann Dixon


Dr. Ann M. Dixon

Associate Professor of Biological Chemistry



Research Summary (Please click on Group Site link below for more details)

Developing methods for describing the assembly, interactions and three-dimensional structures of membrane proteins using biophysical and computational techniques, including NMR spectroscopy. Of particular interest are membrane proteins associated with virally-induced cancers, which have demonstrated membrane protein-mediated mechanisms of cellular transformation.

Selected Publications

A C-terminal amphipathic helix is necessary for the in vivo tubule-shaping function of a plant reticulon, Breeze, E., Dzimitrowicz, N., Kriechbaumer, V., Brooks, R., Botchway, S.W., Brady, J.P., Hawes, C., Dixon, A.M., Schnell, J.R., Fricker, M.D., Frigerio, L., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 2016, 113, 10902-10907.

De novo Design of Transmembrane Helix-Helix Interactions and Measurement of Stability in a Biological Membrane. Nash, A., Notman, R., and Dixon, A.M., Biochimica et Biophysica Acta – Biomembranes, 2015, 1848, 1248-1257.

The brown adipocyte protein CIDEA promotes lipid droplet fusion via a phosphatidic acid-binding, David Barneda, Joan Planas-Iglesias, Maria L Gaspar, Dariush Mohammadyani, Sunil Prasannan, Dirk Dormann, Gil-Soo Han, Stephen A Jesch, George M Carman, Valerian Kagan, Malcolm G Parker, Nicholas T Ktistakis, Judith Klein-Seetharaman, Ann M Dixon, Susan Henry, Mark Christian, eLife 2015;10.7554/eLife.07485.

Differential Transmembrane Domain GxxxG Motif Pairing Impacts MHC Class II Structure, Dixon, A.M., Drake, L., Hughes, K.T., Sargent, E., Hunt, D., Harton, J.A., Drake, J.R. J. Biol. Chem., 2014, 289, p. 11695-703.

NMR evidence for oligosaccharide release from the DC-SIGNR (CLEC4M) carbohydrate recognition domain at low pH, Probert, F., Mitchell, D.A., Dixon, A.M., FEBS J., 2014, 281, p. 3739-3750.

One Motif to Bind Them: A Small-XXX-Small Motif Affects Transmembrane Domain 1 Oligomerization, Function, Localization, and Cross-talk Between Two Yeast GPCRs, Lock, A., Forfar, R., Weston, C., Bowsher, L., Upton, G.J.G., Reynolds, C.A., Ladds, G., Dixon, A.M., Biochimica et Biophysica Acta – Biomembranes, 2014, 1838, p. 3036-3051.