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Chemical Biology Research Facility

The Chemical Biology Research Facility (CBRF) is located on the first floor of B block and houses the groups of:-

Dr Binuraj Menon

Dr Claudia Blindauer
Prof Tim Bugg
Prof Greg Challis
Dr Ann Dixon
Dr Jozef Lewandowski

Dr Mathew Jenner
Dr Manuela Tosin

Dr Marcio Dias


The CBRF contains dedicated laboratories for Chemical Biology Research

A Biology Laboratory for the handling of Cat 1 micro-organisms ;

Biology laboratory


A Chemistry Laboratory (with 8 fume hoods);

chemistry laboratory


A Cold Room (for protein purification);
A Microbiology Laboratory (for growing Cat 1 micro-organisms);
A Containment level 2 Laboratory (for handling Cat 2 micro-organisms);
An Instrument Laboratory;
A Radiochemistry Laboratory;
A Dark Room.