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Dr Matthew Jenner


Dr Matthew Jenner
BBSRC Future Leader Fellow
BSc, DPhil.

Office: B400
Phone: +44 (024)76 572970
Email: M dot Jenner at warwick dot ac dot uk

Research Summary

Research interests include:

  • Mapping protein-protein interactions in biosynthetic systems by structural mass spectrometry.

  • Mechanisms and engineering of biosynthetic enzymes.

  • Discovery and biosynthesis of secondary metabolites from Burkholderia sp.

Selected Recent Publications (Google Scholar)

S. Kosol, M. Jenner, J.R. Lewandowski and G.L. Challis. Protein-protein interactions in trans-AT polyketide synthases.
Nat. Prod. Rep., 2018, 35, 1097-1109.

B. R. K. Menon and M. Jenner. Reprogramming assembly lines.
Nat. Chem., 2018, 10, 245-247.

M. Jenner, S. Kosol , D. Griffiths, P. Prasongpholchai, L. Manzi, A.S. Barrow, J.E. Moses, N.J. Oldham, J.R. Lewandowski  and G.L. Challis. Mechanism of intersubunit ketosynthase–dehydratase interaction in polyketide synthases.
Nat. Chem. Biol., 2018, 14, 270-275.
Nat. Prod. Rep., 2017, 34, 712-783.

L. Song, M. Jenner, J. Masschelein, C. Jones, M. Bull, S. Harris, R. Hartkoorn, A. Vocat, I. Romero-Canelón, P. Coupland, Paul, G. Webster, M. Dunn, R. Weiser, C. Paisey, S. Cole, J. Parkhill, E. Mahenthiralingam and G.L. Challis. Discovery and biosynthesis of gladiolin: a Burkholderia gladioli antibiotic with promising activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2017, 138, 7974-7981.

M. Jenner, J. P Afonso, C. Kohlhaas, P. Karbaum, S. Frank, J. Piel and N. J Oldham. Acyl hydrolases from trans-AT polyketide synthases target acetyl units on acyl carrier proteins.
Chem. Comm., 2016, 52, 5262-5265.

M. Jenner, J. P. Afonso, H. R Bailey, S. Frank, A. Kampa, J. Piel and N. J Oldham. Acyl‐Chain Elongation Drives Ketosynthase Substrate Selectivity in trans‐Acyltransferase Polyketide Synthases.
Angew. Chem. Intl. Ed., 2015, 54, 1817-1821.