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Stores and Purchasing

The Chemistry Stores is located in Science Block G. The main customer entrance can be accessed from the first floor back door of C block. The Chemistry Stores Opening Hours are as follows:



WASTE DISPOSAL AND SOLVENT ISSUES: 09.30 - 10.00 - contact for details

MAIN STORES HATCH: 10.00 - 12.30



WASTE DISPOSAL AND SOLVENT ISSUES: 14:30 - 15.00 - contact for details

MAIN STORES HATCH: 14.15 - 15.30


The Stores is a useful source for a variety of commonly used chemicals, apparatus, glassware and stationery

A full listing of the range of items held within the Stores can be found in the Stores catalogues
(paper copies of the catalogues are also situated at the Stores withdrawals hatch )

Before making a requisition of any kind, an individual must be allocated a Stores code - a unique initial code relating to their budget code (this is obtained from the Chemistry Finance Office upon starting in the Department).


Making a Withdrawal from Stock in Stores

Having now received these “initials” and decided upon the specific stock item/items required, a withdrawal may be made by having the relevant details entered at the computer terminal. The goods can now be issued by the Stores staff.

At this stage stock records and budget details will have been updated accordingly, and any exchange of goods or requests for amendments should be discussed with myself.

Request for a “Special Order” USE OPeRA

On some occasions chemicals or consumable items of a more specialised nature may be required, and these will not be available from stock. In this instance a “special order" must be placed, and sent by the Department to a nominated external supplier.

You can request that a "special order" is placed by using The Departments eprocurement system, OPeRA. Further information can be found here.

Stores staff are on hand to answer any queries relating to suppliers, etc.

When Stores staff receive “special order" items, they will send an e-mail notification to the requisitioner. People collecting "special order" items will have to sign for receipt of these at the Stores.