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X-Ray Diffraction Research Facility

Dr G. Clarkson runs the single crystal Xray facility which is located in the MAS building.

Chemistry has shared facilities with Physics supported by Advantage West Midlands.

We offer data collection at a range of temperatures (100-400K) with both molybdenum and copper radiation for crystals down to 0.02mm.

Single crystal Xray diffraction gives the 3D structure of your material and can reveal bond lengths and angles, weak interactions involved in folding and packing and absolute structure information.

From crystals of appropriate quality you get back the cif file (needed for publication), suitable pictures, graphics and file formats (pdb) that can be used in presentations or modellling studies.

Please find me to discuss the suitability of your material for single crystal Xray diffraction.


Oxford Diffraction Gemini Diffractometer Binding interactions resposible for assembling pseudorotaxane revealed by single crystal XRD