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Chemistry Gibson Group

Gibson Group


The GibsonGroup are interested in how we can use biomaterials and bio-engineering approaches to address global heathcare challenges. In particular, we have expertise in synthetic polymer and carbohydrate chemistries, and use these alongside cell culture, microbiology and analytical science approaches. Most of the work is in collaboration with biologists or medics ensuring we focus on solutions for relevant problems. We have current research programs in;

Cell and protein cryopreservation techniques, learning from how extremeophiles survive

Glyco-biology/nanotechnology, to mimic the complexities of the cell glycalyx to develop

New non-traditional antimicrobials

New diagnostic tools


Our latest work has been published in ACS Macro Letters.


In this work we describe a new method to covalent attached synthetic polymers to cell surfaces, enabling us to bring new functionality to them, without resorting to genetic methods.

Engineering Cell Surfaces by Covalent Grafting of Synthetic Polymers to Metabolically-Labeled Glycans

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Current Vacancies

Ph.D Vacancies:

We have two vacancies to start March 2019 & October 2019.

Also opportunities (scholarships) for Non-UK students.

Further information on all these posts is available on this link.