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Analytical Laboratory



microscope_and_cryostage.jpg Array printer fluabs_plate_reader.png absorbance_plate_reader.png
Olympus microscope with liquid nitrogen cooled Linkam Scientific Cryostage. 40oC to -150oC, with 50oC/s cooling rate. For antifreeze protein studies. ArrayIt SpotBot 3 Microarry Contact Printer with Humidity Resevoir and Extreme Heating Bath. Capable of printing glycans, polymers, DNA etc. BioTek Synergy HT Variable Temperature Microplate Reader; Fluorescence and absorbance. Wavelengths 200-999 nm; Excitation 360, 485, 539, 590; Emission 460, 528, 590, 645 BioTek Epoch Absorbance Microplate Reader; Wavelengths 200-999 nm.
octet vt_uvvis.png Xigo PipetMax

ForteBio Octet Red 96 Bilayer Interferometer for label free interaction studies

Agilent Technologies Cary 60 Variable temperature UV-Vis Xigo Nanotools Acron NMR. Relaxation measurements
Gilson PipetMax 268 Pipetting Robot. Tubes, 96, and 384 well plates
mini_centrifuge.png centrifuge.png


Small centrifuge
Labnet Prism Mini Centrifuge Eppendorf 5804R Centrifuge. Temperature controlled. Max RPM 12,000. Configured for microplate spinning Labnet Mini Plate Spinner PMS 100 Eppendorf 5424R Centrifuge. Temperature controlled. Max speed 15,000 RPM. 1.5 mL tubes only
incubator.png freeze_dryer.png Array scanner  MilliQ
Stuart Scientific Orbital Incubator Heating only, 20-60 °C Christ Alpha 1-4 LD Plus Freezedrier, Vaccubrand pump Agilent Technologies 2 Colour Array Scanner. 50 sample auto chamber for measurement of microarrays Millipore Water Purifier. Generates ultra-high puritity water on demand